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A5 size Artwork Frame

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Introducing our Child Artwork Frame – a delightful way to cherish and proudly exhibit your child's artistic journey. We empathize with the profound emotions of parenthood, and our frame simplifies the art of "Living Memories" by creating a captivating gallery of your child's masterpieces. 

Our frame elegantly fuses simplicity and beauty. It's meticulously designed to be "Aesthetically Pleasing," gracefully adorning your walls and elevating your living space. We've ensured it's effortlessly practical – a perfect fit for parents who appreciate both form and function. 

Bid farewell to cluttered drawers brimming with forgotten artwork. With our frame, you can now effortlessly "Showcase Today." Insert your child's artwork, hang it on your wall, and let their creativity shine without delay. 

Moreover, our frame makes an ideal "Gift of Art." A thoughtful gesture for grandparents, friends, or family, allowing them to partake in your child's world. It evolves into a "Child's Artwork Gallery," capturing their creative journey exquisitely. 

With each seasonal update, you'll witness their progress and reminisce about the cherished moments shared with them. The Child Artwork Frame is more than a frame; it's a celebration of parenthood's joy and your little artist's growth.  

Acknowledge your child's artistry. Order our Child Artwork Frame today and watch your home transform into a gallery filled with love and cherished memories. 

Montessoritoys for 1 years old creative and fun learning

Montessori toys are an excellent way to introduce theMontessori type of education to your child. As the name suggests, it focuses onhelping babies explore their environment, and encourages them to take part inactivities that will help them develop their gross and fine motor skills, aswell as cognitive abilities. At this age, it is especially important to givebabies toys that will help them explore the world, discover, and learn in asafe and stimulating environment.So, what are the best Montessori toys for 1 year olds?Montessori toys for 1-year-olds are often made of wood, since it is a durablematerial that is also safe for the baby. Montessori Wooden toys come indifferent shapes and sizes and help young children become familiar with theshapes, colors, and sizes. Wooden blocks, puzzles, toy cars, trains, and otherobjects with various shapes and sizes are great for helping the baby learnabout basic concepts.Montessori toys also help children develop theirhand-eye coordination. Playing with various types of toys encourages babies tomove and manipulate objects, a crucial skill that is essential for all types ofmotor activities. Pounding toys, such as wooden pegs and hammer boards, andbuilding objects with peg-and-socket systems or stacking cups help childrenwork on their fine motor skills.Besides the more traditional Montessori toys, thereare also many options available for babies to explore. Baby gyms, balls,activity centers, musical toys, and other toys that are specifically made for1-year-olds offer babies plenty of opportunities to explore and have fun. DIYMontessori toys are also becoming increasingly popular, as parents can getcreative and make their own toys for their children.When it comes to Montessori toys for 1-year-olds, itis important to choose toys that are age-appropriate and stimulating. There isno shortage of choices, but it is important to ensure that the toys are safe andthat they will help the baby achieve their developmental milestones. With theright Montessori toys, parents can ensure their 1-year-old starts on the rightpath to foster their growth and development.