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Witness the joy of first discoveries as your child explores our STEAM based Activity kits, designed for tiny hands and curious minds

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Disclaimer note: The Standard & premium won’t be applicable for 2.5 years + as it may not necessarily be a set of 4 kits but you'll still have access to the available kits according to the plan chosen. Dont worry! we will be back with more fun and engaging ideas for 3 years + soon! Stay updated.

TinyVers - Your Hub for Skill Development Toys

Tinyvers Early Learning Program

Your child’s first discovery steps for holistic development begins now! 

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0- 8 weeks
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Activity Kit 1

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
3-4 months.PNG__PID:23faccf7-6a77-4d1a-acfa-54b6ec03de67
3 - 4 months
Kit 2.png__PID:dbd30385-d98c-442d-bb0d-0676424b7dc8

Activity Kit 2

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
5-6 months.PNG__PID:88f96e94-deda-4b74-8cc7-597d47001100
5 - 6 months
Kit 3.png__PID:2a6d7a5a-cde6-4c3d-92af-02885aea93c6

Activity Kit 3

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
7-8 months.PNG__PID:ccbc219b-2919-4e53-b6f3-eb2a6f466b9c
7 - 8 Months
Kit 4.png__PID:ff390d6c-f028-4882-99e3-fae604c93e4e

Activity Kit 4

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
9-10 months.PNG__PID:46f45edf-5153-4cd6-b180-5334097e890d
9 - 10 Months
Kit 5.png__PID:7abac12f-ad11-4515-9fb3-65397a64ac24

Activity Kit 5

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
11-12 months.PNG__PID:3afd22f5-20fc-4d78-b4ae-e2ecee3e5d8f
11 - 12 Months
Kit 6.png__PID:17259b75-59e0-448c-b7fe-23e0ba4c46ff

Activity Kit 6

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
13-15 months.PNG__PID:d44d420d-1bc1-48fe-aaa8-60fd9a8ba564
13 - 15 Months
Kit 7.png__PID:0837a7b2-7b2d-4ca1-b076-99ca048e7b13

Activity Kit 7

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
16-18 months.PNG__PID:940a2dd1-acdf-4e32-b615-d1e574de930a
16 - 18 Months
kit 8.png__PID:f7b23655-196a-46cf-b1e1-c2e27e3572e0

Activity Kit 8

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
19-21 months.PNG__PID:75432220-20f4-4bb0-9a12-bd966722fa8f
19 - 21 Months
kit 9.png__PID:3576ee5d-d98c-46e4-be10-4d58bd6c1575

Activity Kit 9

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
22-24 months.PNG__PID:672990ff-f24a-4c94-a1aa-ad508baf8b6c
22 - 24 Months

Activity Kit 10

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
25-27 months.PNG__PID:5102bb6a-f32b-46fe-8216-caca039374cb
25 - 27 Months

Activity Kit 11

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
28- 30 months.PNG__PID:acba80f8-0c4d-49f2-abea-1239f1e5ca99
28 - 30 Months

Activity Kit 12

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
31-33 months.PNG__PID:cccdd077-b63f-4e75-b29e-6065cf21a428
31 - 33 Months

Activity Kit 13

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899
34-36 months.PNG__PID:a42893e6-b298-4d3d-85de-6268eb4dc803
34 - 36 Months

Activity Kit 14

Rs 5,798

Rs 2,899

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STEAM techniques (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics)

Embracing Holistic Development: The Infinite Universe of Toys India Online

Toys are an important part of a child’sdevelopment. Not only do they provide entertainment and learning opportunities,they also provide physical and holistic development. This is why it isimportant to choose the best toys for your children, and this is where Tinyverscan help. Tinyvers offers a great selection of toys fromIndia for online shopping. They offer toys that are both cheap and highquality. You can easily find the perfect toys for boys and girls at affordableprices. Their selection of toys includes everything fromaction figures and blocks to dolls and educational games. They also have arange of toys that can help kids develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. When choosing toys, it’s important to consider howthey are going to help the development of your child. For example, puzzles,building blocks, and educational board games can help improve problem-solvingskills, while dolls can encourage role-playing and creativity. Cars and trainsare great for getting kids active and exploring their environment. When you shop with Tinyvers, you can trust that youare buying quality products. All their toys are made from safe, non-toxicmaterials that are appropriate for your child’s age and learning level. Theyhave a range of toys that can help your child develop physical, mental, andemotional skills. You can also save money when you shop withTinyvers. They provide discounts and coupons on their website, so you can saveeven more on your purchases. Tinyvers has an unbeatable selection of toys. Theyoffer quality products at affordable prices, perfect for helping your childdevelop physically, mentally, and emotionally. With their range of discountsand coupons, you can save even more on your purchase. Visit Tinyvers today andget the best toys for your child today.