Nowadays, parents are extremely conscious about the harmful effects of plastic toys. 

We at Tinyvers develop wooden toys that help develop cognitive, social, and linguistic skills of children in a fun and sustainable way.

Our approach




We manufacture our toys from 

Wood and organic material.

These toys are long lasting and suffer less damage.

They can be recycled, reused, repaired and composted

Our toys

PVC toys cause severe irreversible damage to the environment and human health. On the contrary, Tinyvers toys are organic in nature and have lesser environmental impacts and are non-toxic.

We promote the design and development of products that are :  

Our sustainable impacts

Tinyvers sustainable products are a tool to help businesses evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of existing products and to design new products that minimize these impacts.

Our sustainable products benefits the communities in which it is made. This means that the workers receive a living wage and can support their families without any additional assistance.The work design is supportive to family and community

The work design promotes community input and participation and the community is informed about production and labor practices.