Standing Tall & Saying Hi: Your 9-Month-Old's Milestone Mania!

Standing Tall & Saying Hi: Your 9-Month-Old's Milestone Mania!


Mumma, Dada, did you know that by the end of my ninth month, I’m learning and doing so many new things? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Benefits of My Early Development

Gross Motor Skills: I’m starting to pull myself up to stand using furniture, although I still need help. I can crawl forward or backward. I can climb steps on all fours. I go from crawling to a sitting position without much effort. I can sit on a chair correctly.

H2: Fine Motor Skills: I use an inferior pincer grasp to hold objects between my index finger and thumb, but I use the entire surface of each finger. I can grab thin objects like a shoelace. I can carry two small objects in one hand. I voluntarily drop objects, though I lack the control to place them gently on a surface. I can open drawers and explore their contents. I use my hands in different ways, for example, using one as support while the other manipulates an object.

Cognitive Development: I understand object permanence and can recover an object that has been hidden while I watch. I anticipate a reward for successfully completing a task or order. I can hold several ideas in mind at the same time, like communicating with you while playing.

Speech Development: I engage in variegated babbling, a more sophisticated form of babbling that combines different consonant-vowel syllables. I say "no" while shaking my head from side to side.

Sensory Development: I understand individuality within a group, like picking one toy within a group and understanding they are separate toys.

Self-Care: While getting dressed, I increasingly help by moving and preparing my arms and legs as needed.

Social-Emotional Development: I have an increased awareness of myself and am increasingly aware of social approval or disapproval. I imitate gestures, facial expressions, and sounds. I display a broader set of moods: frustrated, sad, happy, angry, excited, etc.

Types of my developmental milestones

Other Development Highlights: I stack similar objects, fitting one thing into another, like plastic cups. I get bored more easily with the same toy or game. I become aware of heights, which might create fear. I pick one or a few toys as favorites. I demonstrate fear in new places.

Additional Physical Development: I can stand up from a sitting position by holding objects without your help, Mumma or Dada. I can transfer an object from one hand to another to hold another object when offered. I can grip and take out thin objects from a container using my finger and thumb. I can crawl over obstacles or avoid them by estimating the difficulty. I explore objects and release them when asked to drop or throw them. I crawl for long distances and try to grab objects by raising one arm. I make bouncing movements when sitting on someone’s stomach or a soft surface.

Additional Cognitive Development: I can hold two objects in two hands and am interested in holding a third object when offered, but I may not figure out how to yet. I show interest in playing with sound-making toys like a piano or drum. I intentionally drop an object in hand to grab a third object when offered. I remember steps of a process if involved in the activity, like opening a box and taking out a toy. I find hidden objects by crawling around obstacles or removing them. I start to imitate one-step actions, like hitting a drum with my hand or waving a rattle. I clap when asked to clap without demonstration.

Additional Communication Development: I try to imitate sounds made by objects like drums and toys as I explore them. I start to understand that ‘No’ is a prohibitive word and hesitate to proceed when you say “no.” I produce sounds deliberately to express happiness, cooperation, disapproval, and anger. I express a preference for selected foods, textures, toys, play, and people through my body and facial actions. I use long strings of sounds (blabber) to communicate about something in sight or something pointed at by hand. I start speaking single-syllable words like "ma," "da," "ta," etc. It may not be clear communication, but it feels like a conversation sometimes.

Additional Social and Emotional Development: I start to understand the meaning of ‘no’ and look at you before doing prohibited things. I seek appreciation by repeating actions or sounds that get applause. I become more comfortable with louder and more crowded surroundings. I start to feed myself by picking things up and taking them into my mouth. I start to play alone for some time with toys.


Research shows that these early developmental milestones are crucial for my growth and learning. According to studies in Pediatrics and Infant Behavior & Development, engaging with me through talking, playing, and responding to my needs helps enhance my cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development.

Maa and Daddy, your love and interaction play a significant role in my development. Keep talking, playing, and cuddling with me, and watch how I grow and learn every day!


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