Sitting Up & Saying Hi: Your Baby's 6th Month Developmental Leap!

Sitting Up & Saying Hi: Your Baby's 6th Month Developmental Leap!


Mumma, Dada, did you know that by the end of my sixth month, I’m learning and doing so many new things? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Benefits of My Early Development

Gross Motor Skills: I can remain in a seated position for a limited period, using my own arms as support. I can roll over, turn, and pivot in all directions. I’ve started moving using an army crawl (not all babies do this). I can reach a sitting position by lying on my back, using similar movements to rolling. I can turn and then reach out to grab an object of interest.

Fine Motor Skills: I use a radial palmar grasp to secure objects with the radial side of my palm, my thumb, index finger, and middle finger. I might start clapping my hands. I might be able to grab and move a cup by the handle. I can manipulate, hit, and take objects to my mouth. I have a high level of interest in toys that produce sounds like bells, music boxes, and rattles. I grab and may attempt to manipulate a spoon or a cup, playing and pretending I am self-feeding.

Cognitive Development: I begin to recognize my own name and react when called by name. I might be able to use a toy as a tool to grab another one. I examine objects for a longer period of time. I explore my body with my mouth and hands.

Speech Development: I’m practicing reduplicated babbling, repeating some consonant-vowel syllables like “baba” and “mama,” although I don’t understand the meaning yet.

Sensory Development: My hand-eye coordination is improving; my arms and hands follow my eyes when reaching for objects. I look at objects from different perspectives, turning them in various positions to see them in their entirety.

Social-Emotional Development: I’m starting to understand the meaning of “no” by recognizing the tone of your voice. I get excited when I realize it’s playtime. I begin to interact with my own image in a mirror, although I don’t recognize it as myself yet. I try to softly knock on or touch my reflection.

Types of my developmental milestones

Other Developments Highlights: I have strong control over my head movements. I’m able to compare two objects. I can grab an object in one hand, take a second in the other hand, and look at a third, contemplating how to grab all three objects together. I’m able to control the opening and closing of my vocal tract, which is necessary for the production of consonants and vowel sounds. I can differentiate distances, understanding when objects are near or far. If I’m eating solids, I enjoy playing with food and display an interest in feeding myself using my fingers. I show a desire to be included in social interactions. I display happiness in enjoyable situations and disapproval in those that are not. It becomes difficult for you to get me to do things I don’t want to do, even with significant encouragement.

Physical Development: I can stay in a sitting posture with the support of my own hands. I can roll over on both sides and go into a tummy-down position from a face-up position, and vice versa. I try to come to a sitting position from a lying position on my own, but I need a little support. I extend my body and try to creep with my arms to move my body to reach nearby objects. My head control is very good and stable, with no wobbling anymore. When held up on my legs while holding my underarms, my legs can take my body weight for a few seconds. I react differently to hot and cold water. I begin to coordinate both hands together and hold things with them.

How to Support My Development

Communication Development: I make two-letter sounds like "ma," "pa," "da," and "ba" when prompted. I express different sounds for happiness, irritation, pain, fun, etc. I make sounds in response to the singing of a rhyme I like. I can differentiate between various moods based on my voice tone. I am able to differentiate multiple sounds and look in the direction of new sounds.

Social and Emotional Development: I prefer to go out and explore new surroundings, which you can note from my 'demand moments' inside the home versus outside. I understand when someone is calling my name and become attentive. I recognize myself by my name. I interact with my own mirror image by touching the image or making sounds. I begin to recognize things like medicine, playtime, bath time, etc., and protest when forced to do something I don’t want to do. I extend and shake my arms to fetch something I like. I try to grab the facial features of family members. To varying degrees, I respond differently toward a family member than toward a stranger.


Research shows that these early developmental milestones are crucial for my growth and learning. According to studies in Pediatrics and Infant Behavior & Development, engaging with me through talking, playing, and responding to my needs helps enhance my cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development.

Maa and Daddy, your love and interaction play a significant role in my development. Keep talking, playing, and cuddling with me, and watch how I grow and learn every day!


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