Mini Musician & Mighty Explorer: Your 25-Month-Old's Thriving World!

Mini Musician & Mighty Explorer: Your 25-Month-Old's Thriving World!


Hey, Mumma, Dada! I’ve been growing and learning so much lately. Here’s a little update on what I’ve been up to:

The Benefits of My Early Development

Gross Motor Skills: Hey Mumma/Daddy, guess what? I can walk on my heels or toes when you show me how! It's so fun to try and kick a slow-moving ball with good balance. I even try to catch a big ball using my chest for support!

Fine Motor Skills: Maa/Dada, look at this! I can peel fruits like a banana or orange with a little help. I love participating in art and craft activities, especially with glue, sticks, cutting, and folding. And guess what? I can also jump with one leg leading!

Cognitive Development: Mumma/Daddy, I'm getting so smart! I can sort objects into different groups, like bananas, cars, and balls. I also understand how to pull off the press buttons to take off my shirt, and I can follow a routine like watering plants or feeding animals. I even know a few shapes, like circles, squares, and triangles!

Speech Development: Maa/Dada, I can use adjectives like 'this,' 'that,' 'these,' and 'those' when you ask me questions. I can also repeat sentences of 3–4 words and use words like 'I,' 'mine,' and 'my' for things that belong to me. I can pronounce a couple of vowel sounds clearly, too!

Self-Care: Mumma/Daddy, I'm learning to take care of myself. I can help with simple chores like picking up toys or setting the table. I can even pull down my elastic-waisted pants all by myself and wash and dry my hands without help!

Social-Emotional Development: Maa/Dada, I love being around people. I can take turns during playtime and understand the difference between boys and girls. I recognize other people's feelings and even become protective of my possessions. I also love to imitate the behavior and actions of others, especially adults and older children.

Types of my developmental milestones

Other Development Highlights: Mumma or Daddy, I also try to count objects and understand directional words like up and down. I'm learning to find things when you direct me with spatial words. I'm growing so fast and learning so many new things!

Additional Physical Development: I can follow a few dance steps with you. I can turn the pages of a book one by one. I can roll a ball towards someone and stop a ball from coming towards me. I try to take off my shoes and pull down my elastic pants with some help. I’m getting better at using a spoon and fork to eat without spilling much. I enjoy pressing and rolling modeling clay to make shapes with little help. I can throw a ball over my head.

Additional Cognitive Development: I can identify and name 3–5 colors in objects inside and outside the home. I can stack rings independently on the ring stacking toy in the correct order, with little or no help. I understand and can imagine places like home, garden, parking, office, clinic, and shopping. I can identify primary-color objects from a group of colored objects with some guidance. I can recognize an object by just listening to its sound, like saying "phone" when it rings.

Additional Communication Development: I can form phrases of three words to express my thoughts or needs, like "I want curd" or "Let’s go out." My vocabulary has expanded to around 150–200 words, and I recognize most everyday objects now. I’m learning the names of various outdoor items like trees, plants, parts of a tree, paths, roads, sidewalks, poles, and signals. I can identify and name common actions like dancing, playing, jumping, running, and driving. I can name and identify 6–10 fruits when I see pictures or real fruits. I can identify and speak up to five alphabets.

Additional Social and Emotional Development: I cooperate as a team member to perform tasks that can’t be done alone. I recognize myself in old pictures and videos from a few months ago, showing a recall of events over a longer timeframe now. I understand what it means to look good, pretty, or cute, and I like to be praised for my looks when I experiment with new things. I can brush my teeth when instructed by an adult and follow the routine of brushing in the morning and at night. I can wash my hands with help from an adult. I can identify myself by my name and answer the question, "What’s your name?"


Research shows that engaging in these activities helps enhance my cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development. Studies in pediatrics and early childhood development highlight the importance of these interactions for my growth.

Isn’t it amazing, Mumma and Dada?


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