Walking & Talking Wonders: Your 14-Month-Old's Big Steps!

Walking & Talking Wonders: Your 14-Month-Old's Big Steps!


Mumma, Dada, did you know that by the end of my fourteenth month, I’m learning and doing so many new things? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Benefits of My Early Development

Gross Motor Skills: I can roll a ball toward a target with moderate accuracy. I can incorporate other movements while walking, like stopping to wave goodbye. I attempt to throw a ball overhead. I walk in an unstable fashion, frequently falling down and standing back up.

Fine Motor Skills; I can turn pages in books with thin pages, usually four or five pages at once. The precision of my grasp continues to improve; I can grab objects as they move slowly, like a ball or a car. I can build towers of two levels with increasing ease using various types of objects.

Cognitive Development: I indicate preferences by pointing to an option when presented with choices. I make use of "tools" to get objects that are otherwise out of direct reach. My capacity to imitate is increasingly sophisticated; I imitate some basic facial and verbal expressions and some animal and object sounds. I recognize commonly visited locations.

Speech Development: I understand more than 20 words (many children understand between 50 and 100). I have an increased desire to communicate, although my vocabulary is still small. I apply inflections to new words, for example, raising my tone of voice when asking a question: "more?"

Self-Care: I am able to suck through a straw. I finish pulling out my own arms and legs as you help me change out of my clothes.

Social-Emotional Development: I manifest a wide range of emotions, such as love, frustration, and jealousy. I prefer familiar people to whom I am frequently exposed; strangers can cause anxiety. I can entertain myself for a few minutes as long as you are within sight.

Types of my developmental milestones

Other Development Highlights: Most of the words I understand are simple and concrete. I can also understand simple actions like, "Let's dance." I frequently use the word "no" in different contexts. Separation from you, Mumma, still causes anxiety, but this will start decreasing in the next few months. I seek to share my positive and negative emotions (success and frustrations) with those closest to me.

Additional Physical Development: I can mimic simple actions like stomping feet and exercise steps, and I can repeat them when instructed. I can move sideways without support with good balance. I can throw a big airball and enjoy the bouncing motions of the ball. I can climb up and down one stair by holding supporting objects while standing. I can throw or drop a small ball into a box while sitting in a higher place. I am able to turn pages of a book randomly. I can climb onto platforms higher than my waist using my handgrip and legs.

Additional Cognitive Development: I understand the use of various objects like a key and drawer, a drum and stick, a spoon and bowl, a phone and talk, etc. I can follow instructions and bring objects like a ball, phone, or spoon when asked for. I look around to find objects when asked, like, “Where are your shoes?” I start to move my body with music while standing. I can track and locate sound sources when they are hidden in easy locations. I can find hidden objects even when their position is moved nearby; I understand object permanence.

Additional Communication Development: My vocabulary has increased, and I can understand around 20–30 words. I can imitate 2-3 animal sounds like those of a cat, dog, cow, etc. I can point to 3–4 body parts when prompted. I can make dental (T, D) and velar (K, G) consonant words, though they might not be completely clear. When asked, I can mimic simple sounds like the sound of a firecracker, bouncing ball, temple bell, car, etc.

Additional Social and Emotional Development: I feel comfortable with other babies playing nearby and can play in the care of a non-familiar adult. I can eat with my hands without help or with a fork with some help. I can recognize and point to all family members in a picture or in real life. I love to move my body to music and rhymes, and I show a preference for certain songs. I can do activities with my teddy, like putting it to sleep and giving it food when asked.


Research shows that these early developmental milestones are crucial for my growth and learning. According to studies in Pediatrics and Infant Behavior & Development, engaging with me through talking, playing, and responding to my needs helps enhance my cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development.

Maa and Daddy, your love and interaction play a significant role in my development. Keep talking, playing, and cuddling with me, and watch how I grow and learn every day!


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