5 Simple Strategies to Make Parenting a Toddler Easier

5 Simple Strategies to Make Parenting a Toddler Easier

Your baby is approaching their second birthday and you may notice that they are throwing tantrums with food or don’t want to sleep or maybe saying ‘no’ to everything.
Hey toddler parent, I know it’s a lot to take. But remember, at this stage your baby is experiencing a range of emotions. They are also gradually learning about themselves. One thing you may notice at this time that they are trying to be independent. I know you are tired and concerned.

Let us share some tips with you to help you in this journey:
1. Your baby wants to do things on their own
They often try to eat on their own. Although, they might spill food or water, let them do it. It will help develop their hand movements, grasping skills, and build confidence in them.

1 year old toddler being messy while eating
2. Don't be too strict
If your child is throwing a tantrum, walk away from them for a few minutes or try to ask them what is it that’s bothering them calmly and in a soft tone. You might have to spend some time to make them calm down.
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3. Give them choices between two things
It will help them in making decision and also, they will feel a sense of freedom to have a choice. For example you can say: you can have this biscuit or you can have this chocolate and let them decide.

Toddler eating chocolate
4. Real-life experiences
You may have noticed your baby is interested to do chores.
They want to experience the real world around them. Let them participate in chores. Give them a watering can, a kitchen set or a cleaning set of their own, ask them to assemble their toys. It will also encourage them to learn some real-life skills. To check the educational toys for your kids, buy activity kits online www.tinyvers.com.

5. Keep your emotions in check
Your toddler may act out because they are angry, sad or scared or maybe they are not able to understand their emotions. At this stage your baby is still dealing with different emotions and trying to understand it.
If your kid is going through a stage where they don’t want to sleep at night, don’t panic and try to force them into bed right away. Instead, try taking them outside for a walk or playing with toys until they fall asleep on their own (if possible). The toys in Activity kit 11, Activity kit 12, Activity kit 13 and Activity kit 14 are perfect for your child’s growing age.

Toddler being sad & angry

Be patient.
You can't expect your child to get things right the first time. It takes a bit of practice and patience. Repetitive actions will help them understand things better. At this stage your baby also likes to repeat books they have read multiple times.
It takes a lot of strength, courage, and patience to bring up a baby. I know it looks daunting sometimes. But hey, with these tips and support from Tinyvers I know you will be doing great! To read more blogs like this and explore gems from our tiny universe go to www.tinyvers.com.

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