The Ultimate Guide to My Baby's Brain Development in the 1st Month

The Ultimate Guide to My Baby's Brain Development in the 1st Month


Maa, did you know that by the end of my first month, I'd already done so many amazing things? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Benefits of My Early Development

Gross Motor Skills: I extend my arms and open my hands, even though they’re clenched most of the time. I move my hands and feet, and my movements might seem random. I try to keep my head upright for a few seconds. I can lift my shoulders and my head.

Fine Motor Skills: I’m discovering my hands and becoming aware of them. I move my closed hands toward objects and open my hand when you put something in them. I love grabbing a rattle when you place it in my hand.

Cognitive Development: I study and explore the movement of my hands and reach for toys above me. I’m recognizing my own hands and other body parts.

 Speech Development: I’m starting to develop a variety of coos and gurgles, although crying is still my main form of communication. I love when you chat with me, Mumma.

Sensory Development: I can identify human voices and differentiate them from other sounds. Your voice is my favorite, Daddy! I visually track objects from side to side, even though I don’t look for them when they disappear. I make eye contact and love exploring your face, Mom. I maintain focus on moving objects for longer periods of time. I startle as a reaction to certain noises.

Social-Emotional Development: I react to your presence by moving my arms and legs, breathing heavily, or gesturing. I love when you talk to me, Dada! I express emotions like pleasure, anxiety, and excitement, and I prefer people over objects.

Types of my developmental milestones

 Other Development Highlights: I still have my Palmer Grasp reflex and can grab your fingers firmly if they’re put in my palm. My visual system is developing; I can see in colors but prefer black and white and high-contrast toys. I see objects more clearly, although my range of focus is limited. I can differentiate the proximity and size of objects. I enjoy bath time and might need some help to self-soothe, like using a pacifier. My engagement increases my waking time, especially when interacting with someone.

Physical Development: I perceive light intensity and try to follow its movement. I make eye contact and observe your facial expressions, Mumma.

How to Support My Development

Reflexes: My sucking reflex is fully developed. When you place a clean finger on my lips, I close my lips around it and squeeze it between my tongue and palate. My palmar grip reflex is shown by closing my fist when an object touches my open palm. My plantar reflex is demonstrated by extending my toe when you slide a finger down my foot from toe to heel and curling my toes when you slide from heel to toe. My morpho reflex is shown by extending my hands and legs when placed from the lap to a soft surface. My root reflex is shown by moving my head in the direction from which a nipple or finger touches my lips.

Communication Milestones: I produce basic noises like whimpers and cries. I respond to your voice by looking at you when you talk, Maa. I cry with intention when I’m wet, hungry, or sleepy.


Research shows that these early developmental milestones are crucial for my growth and learning. According to studies in Pediatrics and Infant Behavior & Development, engaging with me through talking, playing, and responding to my needs helps enhance my cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development.

Maa and Daddy, your love and interaction play a significant role in my development. Keep talking, playing, and cuddling with me, and watch how I grow and learn every day!

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