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Tiny Universe 

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About Us

The creation of Tinyvers (pronounced "Tiny-vers") began with an idea of an adorable Tiny Universe.

This universe is filled with love, emotions, joy, care, smile, loving and an awesomely strong bond with family. It encompasses key elements such as early brain development, and social, emotional as well as cognitive development. It empowers you with the confidence to unleash your little one's curiosity on this Tinyvers. Encourage your baby to explore, learn and discover that they are on an endless journey, constantly looking for the next discovery, seeking surprises and learning new things about this marvellous world.

We welcome you and your little ones to Tinyvers to acknowledge that your little ones will undergo rapid brain development, growth and neuron pruning in the first two-three years of their lives. 

Our goal at Tinyvers is to provide parents with more knowledge and confidence to help their children achieve holistic development at every stage and focus on creating beautiful memories with their little ones without taking any additional stress.

The good news is that we collaborated with diverse experts to create products catering to your baby's every developmental milestone from birth up to the age of 3 years. Tinyvers was created based on inputs from a variety of experts, including paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, paediatric dentists, developmental psychologists, ophthalmologists, gynaecologists, psychiatrists, neonatologists, educators, physiotherapists, social workers and many others to empower parents complete knowledge and confidence regarding their child's developmental growth and milestones. 

The amount of brain development that takes place in the first three years is incredible; research has shown that the newborn's brain forms more than a million new nerve connections per second. Additionally, studies have shown that you may support your baby to learn and develop important skills and relationships.

Tinyvers is here to help you and your little ones with our products and services. You are the superhero doing most of the teaching with your face, voice, touch, and back-and-forth interactions.

Perhaps we recall the sensation of curious little eyes suddenly opening wide as the brain expands and the heart beats with excitement, followed by a huge smile on their face that says, "Wow, that was so awesome!” Let us do it again and innovate for the children.

Tinyvers products and services promote your child's holistic development by boosting their creativity, physical ability, and observational skills while also supporting their social and emotional needs.