How can Parents Help with different stages of Tummy time?

How can Parents Help with different stages of Tummy time?

Have you heard about tummy time? I am sure you must have. But even if you don’t know what it is, that’s ok. We all start from somewhere. Tummy time is a great way for babies to learn how to coordinate their head, arms, neck and shoulder.
Many parents believe that this activity helps babies develop motor skills when doing tummy time. It will help them in rolling over, sitting up and crawling later on as well as strengthening their stomach muscles. Tummy time is important because it helps with both physical and other crucial developmental milestones.
Tummy Time is the first step in learning how to use your head and neck for balance, as well as for movement. Your baby will learn how to control their body movements and coordinate with others. There are different stages of Tummy time that you can notice in your baby. Here’s a guide for parents of Newborns to help with Tummy time:

1. During the 2nd week you can notice your baby pointing their butt in the air while resting on your chest.
This is known as Tummy to chest position. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated that Tummy Time should be encouraged from birth and parents can help their baby to do tummy time for a few minutes in the beginning.

2. By the 1st month your baby is able to move their head to one side during their tummy time.
At this time, you may also notice them lifting their head for a moment.

3. In the 2nd month you can notice your baby doing the tummy time multiple times a day for a minute, not for long yet but during the 3rd month your baby will be able to put pressure on their arms and lift their head.
You can see an increase in tummy time by now. In the initial three months, when it is a bit hard for your baby to put pressure on their hands and lift their head, you can help them by laying them on their stomach in your lap or you can also take help from Tummy set. It will help to build your baby’s core strength.

4. From the 4th-6th month parents can notice significant development in tummy time.
Baby will be able to put pressure on their hands and lift their head for a long time. You can help them have a fun time while they are doing their tummy time with flashcards, rainbow spinner or a roll & crawl. Your baby will be enjoying playing with these toys and strengthening their core muscles at the same time. 5. By the 6th month your baby will also start to roll over. Remember, tummy time is going to help them strengthen their muscles and encourage them to roll over.
These are a few pieces of information on different stages of tummy time by your baby’s initial months and some expert advice to help you out. If you are wondering where you can find flashcards, toys and rainbow spinners to have a fun tummy time with your baby, these all are available in our Tinyvers Activity kit 1, Tinyvers Activity kit 2, and Tinyvers Activity kit 3.
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