Simple Baby Routine That Works Everytime

Simple Baby Routine That Works Everytime

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘routine’?

Well, I used to find that boring until I saw my elder sister developing routine with my little niece in a fun way!

Every day, we do the same things. We get up, brush our teeth, make breakfast for our family, go to work and come home to eat dinner. So, you know developing a certain is important after all to exist in daily life.

Now let’s see how routines actually help babies grow:
1. Routine is important for your baby's brain because it helps him or her develop a sense of order and predictability in life. In fact, studies show that having routine can help babies with their development by helping them feel more secure and less stressed.

2. It also helps babies sleep better at night, which is important because they need this rest to grow and learn new things during the day.

3. Routine and ritual help in developing new pathways in your baby’s brain. They also help in strengthening old ones by providing constant repetition. For example: if you always put down your keys on the table when you enter the room, it will become a habit for your baby to do so too.

4. It also helps our brains to develop better by regulating our emotions, thoughts and behaviour. The more we have a routine and a set of rituals in our lives, the easier it will be for us to keep track of time and follow certain behaviours. For example, if you have a regular day-time routine with your baby and stick to it, then she will also know what to expect during that time period. If you only do certain things at certain times, like bathing her or feeding her; then she will know what to expect from you during those times and so on. You can also notice her making sounds or moving her body and prepare herself for bath.

Here's how you can develop routine in a fun way with your baby:

1. You can show them
routine activity flashcards to teach them in a playful way about routines. Seeing another baby bathing, having food or doing things in the flashcards will encourage your baby to follow them as well. Flashcards are always a fun method to learn from.

2. Do some fun activity while bathing or feeding them. Sing a song or make weird sounds, talk to your baby or read stories to them. This will indeed make the activity fun.

There are a few insights from our side. You can find the
routine activity flash cards in the Tinyvers activity kit 8 and you always can go back to our DIY activity guide to help you with more fun ideas while developing routine with your little one. Go to to explore more blogs on how to help your child grow in a fun playful way.
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