Changes and Growth That You See in a 6 Month Old Baby!

Changes and Growth That You See in a 6 Month Old Baby!

For your 6 month old baby, everything is new and amazing. They know how to roll over, make cooing sounds, and love the feel of light pressure on their stomachs. Their ability to roll over is one of the most important milestones in the development of your baby's life. But do you know by the age of 6 months your baby’s vision also develops significantly?
In this blog, we will discuss some interesting facts that you should know about a Newborn’s vision development and how you can help your 6 month old baby reach this milestone in a fun playful way.
Newborn baby’s vision from 0-6 months:

Have you ever wondered what your baby can see, hear or understand when they are born or in their first year. Well, here’s a little guide for you.

1. A Newborn can see only 25 cm in front of their face, and you may have noticed them closing their eyes in the bright light.
Their eyes are sensitive to bright light and can open in soft light. They can see things close to them at this time. In the initial days, it is important to know that your baby’s eye muscle is not built so don’t panic if you notice their eyes drifting outward sometimes.

2. Gradually when your baby is approaching their 2nd month, they can see 60 cm in front of their face, and you can now notice them looking at things and trying to grasp.
They can now follow moving things. By the 3rd month your baby’s eyes are able to focus on things.

3. While approaching 5-6 months a Newborn’s colour vision develops more than before.
However, it’s not fully developed yet but they are seeing the world better than before. They can see an object mostly as it looks. You may notice them grabbing more things than before and smiling while looking at familiar faces. By the 6th month, your baby is able to see things in 3D.
Here are some fun activities that you can do to help your baby improve their vision:
  • Hand-to-Hand transfer:
Hand-to-hand transfer is a great fun time activity to improve your baby’s vision, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and bond with you. For hand-to-hand transfer we have lots of options in Tinyvers activity kits for your baby. From rainbow ball to interlock disc, clutch ball, grasping beads. Let’s start the passing the ball game again with your little one and have fun.
  • Flashcards:
You have noticed us always talking about flash cards. Because this is the show stopper, we all believe. Flashcards are extremely helpful to learn new things, new words, shapes, sizes, colours and it also promotes visual development in your baby. You can go through Tinyvers Activity kit 3 to choose the age-appropriate flashcards for your baby. Activity kit 3 has varieties of flashcards on fruits, animals, and different body parts. So, your baby will not have to be bored with only one set and they can explore these flashcards with their big bright eyes.
  • Showing Colourful objects:
Babies love colourful things. And as we mentioned by the age of 6 months, they are able to see more colours than before. You can give them the rainbow ball to play with or the rainbow spinner. This will not only develop their vision but help in promoting fine motor skills, and hand movement.

At Tinyvers we believe parents contribute most to a baby's development. We are just here to help you in that process. If you are wondering where you can find a colour spinner, rainbow ball, clutch ball or grasping beads, all of them are available in our Tinyvers Activity kit 2 and 3. Visit us at and explore the activity kits and have a fun-filled time with your baby.
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