When do Babies Roll over?  Tips to Help Baby Roll

When do Babies Roll over? Tips to Help Baby Roll

It feels like last months have passed so fast that you can’t even remember anything. Everything is blurry. Well, we will give exhaustion some credits for that, but babies grow very fast at the initial months. Just last month you were swaddling your baby and now they have started to roll over. Remember, you have to stop swaddling once your baby started rolling. This is one of the important development milestones. So, yay! Congratulations! But if your baby is not yet rolling or even if you are a curios Dada or Mama,
you should know these interesting facts about rolling over:
Babies usually roll over when they are in between the age of 4-6 months.
Rolling over is one of the most important skills your baby needs to learn. It helps them to crawl and start walking. They will also gradually master how to keep their head straight.

Developing their core strength, neck muscles, shoulder muscles and arm muscles through tummy time will help them to roll over.
Initially, your baby can roll over from their stomach to their back but gradually they also master the skill of rolling over from back to stomach. It takes some time, and they usually develop this by the 6th month.

How to help your baby to roll over:

Babies are fascinated with their surroundings right from birth. They try to make a sense of their surroundings. By the age of three-four months they gradually start to experience their legs and hands. You can notice them throwing their hands and legs once they are over two months old. This will eventually also help them to roll over.

Massaging your baby’s body will also strengthen their muscles and help them roll over. Go through the “Baby is kicking! Here’s what you can do to strengthen your baby’s legs” blog to know more about why massaging is important for building muscles.

Tummy time can also help your baby roll over. Lifting their head and building strength with the help of tummy set strengthens their core. This also can help your baby roll over.

The best way to help your baby learn how to roll over is by having lots of fun together. You can place the rainbow ball near their legs and notice them kicking it. It will not only be a fun activity but will strengthen their legs. There is another option for encouraging them to kick and feel their legs. Your baby can wear playful socks and whenever they will kick, the rattle in the socks will make a sound. This is going to be a fun activity for your baby to feel their legs and kick. All these movements are crucial for building strength and muscles to roll over.

These are a few activities to help your baby to roll over. If you are wondering where you can find the toys and tools we have discussed in the blog, you can explore the
Tinyvers Activity kit 3 that is specially designed for 5-6 months old baby. To get your hand on the rainbow ball, playful socks and many more toys for your baby’s growth go to www.tinyvers.com today!
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