5 Things to Consider While your Baby is Gazing at Mirror

5 Things to Consider While your Baby is Gazing at Mirror

There are so many folktales and bedtime stories around mirror. You surely know about “mirror mirror on the wall”. Well, your baby is also wondering “who is this?” when you are showing a mirror to them!
Seeing your baby gazing at mirror and looking at their reflection is fun to watch. But remember they don’t recognize their face yet. It’s just another interesting thing to explore suddenly.

Here are some tips for you to include
mirror gazing in your baby’s playtime:

1. You can bring the mirror close to your baby to help them gaze at it. Gazing at the mirror will also help with increasing their curiosity, and promoting their vision development, and gradually they will start to recognize their face. But that comes later in the picture.

2. Let them touch the mirror and feel a different texture. It will gradually help them understand their surroundings better and also promote hand movement.

3. Put a mirror in front of them while they are busy in their tummy time. Gazing at the mirror will excite them and this will be a fun engaging activity for them.

4. You know we all become silly or funny with our baby. Hold your baby, go near to the mirror and make weird, funny faces. This will give you time to bond with your baby while having fun.

5. Gazing at mirror increases your baby’s curiosity. Look at your baby making little gestures at the mirror and blinking their bright eyes in wonder.
while you are encouraging your baby to play with the mirror, make sure that mirror is safe for your baby. At Tinyvers, we always keep your baby’s safety in our mind and have designed an age-appropriate, child-safe gazing mirror for your little one. Our all products are made of eco-friendly materials and safe for your baby. So, now you can have a fun playtime with your baby without any worries about their safety. You can find this gazing mirror at Tinyvers Activity kit 1 . Hold it in front of your baby and see your baby have fun with it!
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