Grasping & Giggling: Your 15-Month-Old's Progress Report!

Grasping & Giggling: Your 15-Month-Old's Progress Report!


Mumma, Dada, did you know that by the end of my fifteenth month, I’m learning and doing so many new things? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Benefits of My Early Development

Gross Motor Skills: I can stop and squat to pick something up while walking, then stand again and continue walking. I walk irregularly; sometimes I lift my feet excessively and take uneven steps. I can roll a ball to you and receive it when you roll it back, doing this several times consecutively. If prompted, I can kick a ball with low precision. I’ve discovered the ability to carry objects from one place to another while walking, and I do this at every opportunity.

Fine Motor Skills: I can insert and remove pegs on a toy pegboard. I spontaneously show an interest in scribbling. Using a shape puzzle (square, triangle, and circle), I can manipulate and insert the circle in its place (other shapes may take more time).

Cognitive Development: I resolve problems through trial and error, like repeatedly attempting to insert a book inside the crib through the side rails until discovering it is possible only if the book is held vertically. I can begin to anticipate the trajectory of certain objects, knowing where a ball will bounce or what direction a toy car will roll. I have initial notions of the concept of quantity, like more bread or more water. My physical development, along with other areas, allows me to imitate social behaviors I frequently observe, such as sweeping or cleaning. I know the various steps of each daily routine, like bathing, nap time, and supper.

Speech Development: I use inexact word imitation as a mechanism for language learning. I can verbally communicate many needs; for example, I can ask for water. I increase the diversity of the intonation and pitch of my voice in my babbling. When asked, I can identify some parts of my body and objects to which I am frequently exposed.

Self-Care: I can drink out of a cup with no lid with assistance. I attempt to comb or brush my own hair.

Social-Emotional Development: I enjoy getting different reactions from those around me and interacting with others. I am more open to sharing with adults than with other children. I remember the social routines and behaviors of those around me, like saying hello or goodbye.

Types of my developmental milestones

Other Developments Highlights: I can usually make myself understood and get what I want using facial gestures or body movements. My increasing level of curiosity may get me into trouble, so establishing limits and guidelines is fundamental to avoiding problems. I maintain a good mood most of the time, with sporadic moments of frustration.

Additional Physical Development: I enjoy removing and putting objects into containers. I can climb a few steps using my hands and legs without any help; climbing down may still be challenging. I am able to insert coins in a thin slit opening, although I may not do it for long. I can make a block tower of 3-5 stories. I start to kick a ball with less accuracy but good balance. I can pull a string to transport objects attached to the string. I can balance and walk on a narrow beam or slab, holding your finger if needed.

Additional Cognitive Development: I show curiosity to understand my surroundings, both indoors and outdoors, and can point to objects I see regularly when asked. Once I see and learn about an object in the real world, I can identify the object or even name it in pictures or videos. My memory capacity is longer, and I can remember sounds or actions observed a few hours or days ago. I can track an object when it is passed through multiple hands or positions and hidden. I act as a messenger by reaching out to a person when asked, for example, when you say, “Call Dada to come for dinner.”

Additional Communication Development: I can hold my tongue out and move it around my lips while imitating an adult. I understand instructional words like ‘come’ and ‘go’. I can point to or touch 4-6 body parts when prompted with the names of the parts. I try to imitate and speak words as my speech skills are building, although my pronunciation is not clear yet. I like to make continuous sounds during playtime, like a voice echo game using a cone. I show enthusiasm for communicating through my limited vocabulary by taking the names of objects or actions.

Additional Social and Emotional Development: I can serve items like biscuits or salad to other people or even feed them something with my hands. I can demonstrate how different activities are carried out, like eating, combing, talking on the phone, dressing, etc. I can handle separation anxiety when you leave me alone for a few minutes. I show affection and care for my toys and people, giving hugs and kisses. I can drink liquid from a small glass with little or no help. I insist on independent self-care like combing my hair, washing my hands, eating, and sitting on a chair. I start to enjoy being the center of attention by repeating funny actions or things that everyone appreciates.


Research shows that these early developmental milestones are crucial for my growth and learning. According to studies in Pediatrics and Infant Behavior & Development, engaging with me through talking, playing, and responding to my needs helps enhance my cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development.

Maa and Daddy, your love and interaction play a significant role in my development. Keep talking, playing, and cuddling with me, and watch how I grow and learn every day!


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