Tips to Help Your Toddler Develop a Love of Reading Books

Tips to Help Your Toddler Develop a Love of Reading Books

Do you remember how we used to cover our story books with textbooks or read with the reading lamp at night?
Reading helps us travel to places we can’t be physically. Reading is a skill that can be learned at any age.
Your one-year-old doesn’t know yet how to read but they are fascinated by those pictures in the book. Encourage them to see those pictures and make it a fun activity for them.  

Read with your little one as many good books as possible, choosing books that you think they will like. Keep in mind that even if you want to introduce older children book to your baby, it is always better to start with age-appropriate books.

Reading to a child can help develop their vocabulary, as well as their understanding of how words are put together into sentences and paragraphs. Don’t rush into things. It will take some time. For now, they are happy to see those pictures. Buy interactive activity kits for kids at
Developing reading skills in one year old babies is not easy and requires patience and practice. 

Here are some tips on how to read a book to your one-year-old baby:

1) Read stories aloud frequently
Reading books or other materials by yourself is not enough. Repeat each word after reading it out loud. This will encourage him to pay attention and learn new words as well as being repetitively read will help him associate words with the sound of your voice.

 1 year old and dad reading book together

2) Point at pictures:
The second step is to show baby what a picture is saying. You can do this by pointing at it and saying "Look at this!" or "See that?" If your baby understands, then they will recognize the word when they see it again later on. If not, don't worry about it! You'll have plenty of time to teach them later on! Fiona’s lost colours is the perfect book for your child to look and point at pictures.

 Fiona's lost colours baby book

3) Develop reading routine:
Babies learn by imitating a lot of things. It’s better for parents to develop a reading routine. Your baby will gradually understand and try to imitate you. They might take up a book on their own and look at the pages. Try to keep different books around them as well. Tinyvers Activity kit 7, Activity kit 9 and Activity kit 10
have amazing age-appropriate books for your 1 year old! It will make them curious to grab it and go through it.

 1 year old reading book with her mom

4) Read and Connect:
If you are reading a book on a dog, then your baby can spot a picture of a dog in the book. Later on, when you are out with your little one, ask them if they can spot a dog around. This will improve their memory and help them recognize their surroundings.

Indian dad pointing at pictures on the baby book

5) Being silly, making sounds:
While reading about an animal, you can make how they sound. This one will make your baby laugh loud and help them learn better. Learning should be fun for your little one.

Reading book and talking to 1 year old baby 

If you are wondering where you can find age-appropriate books, we have different books for your baby from the age of 0-3. For your one-year-old you can read to them Lopa’s first year, and Fiona’s lost colours. These two are included in
Activity kit 6 and Activity kit 7. Go to to explore more age appropriate books for your little bookworm, and buy activity kits online.

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