The Science Behind Why Laughter Is Good for Toddlers - Share a Laugh!

The Science Behind Why Laughter Is Good for Toddlers - Share a Laugh!

You must have heard older people in your colony suddenly laughing hard early in the morning. It’s rare that I haven’t laughed myself watching them. Laughter yoga is a good thing! It is indeed rejuvenating. From releasing stress, tension to relaxing us it has all the benefits. Less stress means better health.  


Do you know laughing improves our immunity? It also helps with releasing pain, uplifting our mood.  


Now we all have noticed how fun it is to watch our little one laugh so hard and made weird faces every time to make them laugh. One may think what babies are finding funny. Research has shown that babies in their first year find physical gestures funny, that’s why when you make that weird face or do that peek-a-boo, they burst out laughing. Following that when they are a little bit older, they find different sounds funny. So, your baby finds humour in that weird sound you are making. By this time, they are also aware of some norms and when things are not as they should be, they find it funny. When your baby is in toddler stage, they will find unusual things funny and maybe they can crack a silly joke. For example: they will touch their nose and say this is my ear and burst out in laugh or say “dogs go meow”. They are aware of how a dog sounds and saying it differently makes it funny for them. FYI laughing also leads to activating different parts of our brain like motor cortex, frontal lobe, and limbic system. So, it’s also helping your baby’s brain to do all these activities. 


Here are some tips for you to make your little one laugh more: 

  1. When your child is laughing at something, don't stop! Keep on trying new things until they start laughing again (or until they get bored). If they don't get bored then keep on doing what you're doing until they do get bored or until your toddler starts crying and needs something else to play with (and if this happens then just keep going with whatever it was that made them laugh). 


 Baby laughing at parent making funny faces

  2. Talk to your toddler. Make weird noises. Ask them what they found funny and also laugh with them. Laugh at their jokes and repeat it. You can also make weird noises to make them laugh.


 3. Be silly and have fun. Go near the mirror and make weird faces, share a laugh with your little one. It will work like a magic. Your stress will be gone as well. Relax and enjoy their laughter. 


 baby laughing with mom

  4. Use music, songs and rhymes for having a fun time. There are many songs and rhymes available. Sing aloud with your baby and encourage them even if they are just blabbering words. Give them the freedom to express themselves. 

  Baby listening to music



These are a few tips from our side for having a fun-filled time with your baby. You can go to to explore more fun activities with your baby. You can also include toys and activities to have a fun-filled time with your little one. 



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