Practical Tips for Practicing Self-Care as a New Mom

Practical Tips for Practicing Self-Care as a New Mom

Hello mom!   

                    They are already one! Happy first birthday to your little munchkin! And kudos to you for doing so much! How have you been? It’s been a long, tiring, happy journey for you. Okay, I know it wasn't always happy, maybe a few times, it was chaotic. But hey! look at you going strong every day.   


You know what is the best part that we like about you is that you embrace that it’s ok to not know everything and not to do it all. You learn, you try, and you conquer some days and some days you fail. However, you are a strong parent your baby needs. You have been there for her no matter what, spent all sleepless nights, and even after the exhaustion had spent a fun memorable time with your baby. It’s ok to cry or seek help from others. We all need it. That’s what makes us humans. You know right, humans are social animals.   


You may have been a bit worried of developmental milestones. But as we always say, every child is different and they will do things at their own pace. Plus, Tinyvers Activity kits have everything that your child needs to develop rapidly! Tinyvers Activity kit 7 to Activity kit 10 has covered all the different developmental milestones your toddler will be covering. If you still have concerns, of course, go consult a pediatrician but sometimes just laid back and try to divert the focus on you maybe.   


Here are some tips from our side to all the new parents.   


P.S. It’s not for your baby, it’s for you! :  

  1. Try to take rest and eat well: 

 Healthy meal for new mom


You may have been gorging on food to just keep yourself full. But at least try a bit or take some help from someone to cook a nutritious meal and have it on time. There’s no pressure on you to strictly follow through it. But maintaining it as much as possible will be beneficial for you. If taking care of yourself is not the priority right now, remember, you have to take care of yourself to take care of your little one. 

2.  Do some fun activity:   

  Mother engaging in a simple fun activity with her child.



Get down on the floor or on the bed as well to do some fun activity with your little one. Do consult your doctor for any complications. A little walk or a fun activity with your little one will help you stay healthy. I know bodily changes may bother you sometimes but hey, you have brought a life to this world. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Being kind to ourselves is the first step to embrace any change in our life. You have been doing a lot. Just some exercises and a little walk will work for you. Or the best part? Join your toddler into many exciting Tinyvers adventures with Activity kit 7, Activity kit 8, Activity kit 9 and Activity kit 10. 

  3. Get some sleep:   

 Mother taking a short nap while her baby sleeps.


Maybe your child is getting a full night sleep now or maybe they aren’t. You are going to go through it all, so try to get some sleep whenever it is possible. Resting is much needed to help you cope with the exhaustion.   

 4. Embracing changes:   


 Mother embracing change by talking with her friend


Sometimes it’s hard to accept the huge changes in our life. It’s fine. We all take our time to embrace changes and accept things as it is. I know you have been missing that friend or really want to go to that event but you are concerned about your baby. It doesn’t have to be the same always. Sometimes you can ask for help from others to take care of your child, sometimes you can also talk to your friend over video call or attain any event online. There are different options. Different situations, different approach. Let’s take that road. Every change brings new opportunities with them, so while connecting with that old friend, maybe try out something new. Who knows you might end up having a new hobby.   


Take a moment, look back at how much you have done in the last year, from bringing up a new life to this world to taking care of it, having fun with them, and helping them grow, you are doing so much! We all know how much strength, courage and patience it takes to be a parent. More love and some peaceful sleep to you!  Our range of Activity kit 7 to Activity kit 10 are all ready to help you in this journey ahead. 

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