Fun Activities to Teach Toddlers About Air - Watch the Wind!

Fun Activities to Teach Toddlers About Air - Watch the Wind!

Do you remember the fairs you visited as a child?  


Buying at least one bottle of bubble liquid and a small pipe to blow the bubbles around the house was a routine for every kid. And watching those bubbles dancing and bursting around us, we discovered air. 


There is no doubt that your baby enjoys playing with toys. Many children will have a favourite toy or object that they will use over and over again during the day. They often share a strong attachment with their toys. For example, my niece has a stuffed animal that she loves to hug, kiss and sleep with. It is so comforting for her when she is upset or scared because we know that she can always go back to this familiar place where she feels safe. 


One of the most important things for parents to do during this time is to help their children learn about their environment by engaging in activities like reading books and playing games together. They learn so many new things, but most importantly they are learning how to interact with their world. Additionally, you can always include some activities to help them learn about the environment. There are some other things that can also grab their attention and give you an opportunity to have a fun-filled educational time.   


When it comes to the environment, learning about the world around us begins by learning about air! This includes learning how to breathe and how we can use it in different ways. 


Here are some ideas on how to help your one-year-old learn about air: 


  • Reading books: 

1 year old baby reading book

Books provide a great way for children of all ages to learn about different topics such as colours, shapes, letters and numbers. Reading books can also teach children how to read by making them practice reading words out loud while looking at pictures instead of just having them listen to a story on tape or CD. You can also show them nature cards, birds flashcards, animal flashcards, flower flashcards and fruit flashcards to help them learn about their environment. 


  • Watching the wind: 

paper plane flying in the air

The wind is a good way for your baby to learn about air. If there is no window open, blow a balloon out of your mouth and watch how it flies away. You can make paper planes as well and fly them out the window or in the garden. You can also play with the peekaboo scarf by tossing it in the air, making it fly in the air. 

  baby walking in the garden

  • Walk in the Garden: 

While walking in the garden you can show your baby how a leaf is moving in the air. You can teach them that leaves cannot move on their own, it’s the air. They can also notice your hair or the peekaboo scarf flying in the air. Do these little things and gradually help them to learn why is it happening. 


One of the most exciting things about being a parent is that you get to experience everything with your kids. Since they are young, you get to teach them new skills and help them grow. One of the best ways to do this is by taking walks, going outside or having a fun activity time with them.  


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