9 Water Play Ideas for Toddlers That Will Keep Them Entertained All Summer Long

9 Water Play Ideas for Toddlers That Will Keep Them Entertained All Summer Long

How fun it was to splash water everywhere when we used to take bath in the little bathtubs of our own. I still recall some childhood stories like splashing water and drenching everyone around. You can often notice babies splashing and playing with water. If you have a toddler, you know that they love water. They are fascinated by it and want to play with it all the time. 


If you think your baby is too young to play with water, they are not. Your one-year-old can play with water as much as he or she wants. But it's important to keep in mind that toddlers don't have the same control over their bodies as adults do. For example, a toddler may drop a toy into the bathtub or pour water on himself.  


There are also certain cautions that you have to maintain when it comes to water play: 

  • Make sure you are around them when they are playing around a pool or a waterbody. Babies can drown in water. They don’t know much about what is dangerous for them.
  • Do not let your child play in dirty or contaminated water.
  • Always check the temperature of the water.


Here are some fun activities to encourage your little one to play with water: 


  1. Have fun with your toddler while they are playing with water by doing activities like splashing each other and racing around the pool or ocean in inflatable boats. 
    1 year baby splashing water
  2. Blowing bubbles while taking bath or using a liquid to blow bubbles. This will also help them learn about air.  
    1 year old playing with water bubbles
  3. Playing with sponges and water is another fun activity. Soaking the water with a sponge and squeezing it will require your baby to use both their hands and press it hard. 
    Squeezing soaked sponge
  4. Make the bath time the fun time. Let your baby splash the water around while they are in the baby tub. It might drench you, but you can see them laugh so loud and have fun. Splashing water with both their hands will also develop their hand movement and motor skills. You can also add different toys like opposite balls to make it more fun. 
    1 year old having bath time
  5. Babies love colours, give them some non-toxic child-safe paint and water to show their creativity on paper. 
    Baby painting with safe non toxic paint
  6. You can also touch an ice cube to their hands, don’t do it for long, otherwise, they might catch a cold. You can also let them grab it for some time. Say words like ‘cold’ or ‘ice’ to help them learn new words and experience different temperatures. 
  7. Go nearby a waterbody and let them touch the water. Make sure to hold them and keep in mind all the safety measures. 
    Baby playing with water
  8. Make a paper boat and float it in a water body. This will also make your little one excited. 
    paper boat activity toys for 1 year olds
  9. If you have a shower, show them how it feels like rain. When it’s raining outside you can also take them to look at it. You can also jump in the mud with your little one to have a fun time.  
    Baby playing with rain


These are a few fun activities for you and your baby to enjoy the water play. For more DIY activities like this go to the www.tinyvers.com. If you are wondering where you can find opposite balls and other fun toys for your baby, you can find them in the Tinyvers activity kit 6. You can also go to the Tinyvers app and Tinyvers Parent Community for support and help with parenting. 


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