10 Tips for Encouraging Your Baby to Walk

10 Tips for Encouraging Your Baby to Walk

Your baby has turned one. Congratulations!  


You have made it through the first year gracefully and sometimes in a chaotic way. That’s fine. We all have our days. Your baby is now crawling across the room with their tiny little legs. It’s so fun to watch them. By the age of one some babies also start walking. If your little one hasn’t started walking yet, don’t worry, every child is different. It can vary from one year to one and a half year as well. But you can always help your baby learn to walk. 


Many parents are afraid that their child will fall down and get hurt, but this is a common fear among new moms and dads. It’s ok if they fall but try to be around them when are walking and help them learn balancing gradually. 

  1 year old baby trying to walk

Here are some things that you can do to help your baby walk: 

  •   A baby's first steps are a big milestone, so you'll want to make sure they're a happy one! Getting your baby moving will help build up their muscles and joints, which will make it easier for them to walk later on. Try not to pressurize them and give them the space to do it on their own. 
  •   Do you remember standing in that walker and trying to move around? A walker is a great way to help your little one getting used to walking without falling over. 
  •   Practice walking at home with your baby. Try to walk side by side, but not in front of them. Take a few steps and stop, then appreciate them for trying, clapping would be a great idea. 

1 year old trying to walk

  •  Play games that have the object of getting from one place to another, such as walking from you to another person or walking towards a toy to play with it. This will maybe encourage them to walk with their trembling legs. 
  •  Ask for help if you need it! If you're having trouble walking yourself or carrying something heavy for your baby, ask someone else to hold it while you go get help. 
  •  Walk with others close by so that they can offer their assistance if necessary. This will help you both learn how to walk together without needing any additional support later on when it comes time for independent walking! 
  •  If possible, try taking walks outside where there are trees and grassy areas around which will provide extra stimulation for your baby's eyesight and hearing. Walking on grass is also a great stimulation for their legs. Make sure that the grass is safe for them to walk in bare foot. 


 1 year old baby walking on the grass

  •  Walking is only one part of being active with your one-year-old! Help them with some exercises. Let them lie down on their back and hold their legs like they are peddling a cycle and move it in a circular motion. This one will strengthen their muscles. For more information on building leg muscles, you can read this blog. 
  •  Massage your baby’s legs with oil. It will strengthen their leg muscles and help them walk. We have shared a detailed tips of what to do and what not to do while giving oil massages to your baby in this blog. Make sure to read this before trying anything. 

  Massaging baby's leg with oil


  •  You can introduce different toys and activities to your baby in the playtime. This will develop their gross motor skills and help them walk as well. Playful socks from Tinyvers activity kit 3 are really helpful for strengthening your baby’s legs. Babies tend to kick their legs by the age of 2-3 months. Wearing these socks with a rattle, in the end, will make a sound every time they kick their legs and this will encourage them to move their legs more.  


Remember, every child is different and they will grow better if you give them space and freedom to do things on their own. Do these fun activities with them and you will notice your little one has started walking. If you feel there is any problem in their growth, do consult paediatricians.  



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