5 Best Baby Visual Development Practices to Try This Week!

5 Best Baby Visual Development Practices to Try This Week!

Why High Contrast Images are good for your baby’s vision development?

Right now, you are juggling between staring at your baby all the time and dying to sleep! Congratulations on almost crossing two months with your little one. We know you are worried if your baby is having enough milk, are they healthy, do they need anything, you have a lot of questions on your mind. Parenting can be challenging sometimes. But have you ever thought what it would be like to see the world other way around from your baby’s side. Let’s not go into the perspective thing now and hear some interesting facts about your baby’s vision from experts.   


What your baby can see?  

Your new-born baby at birth can see 25 cm in front of them and sensitive to bright lights. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal if their eyes are drifting outwards occasionally. It will take some time to develop their vision and strengthen their eye muscles. By the age of seven week your baby will see 60 cm in front of their face. You can watch them gazing in wonder and maybe sometimes grabbing things around them.   

Here are some tips on how to encourage your baby and improve their vision:  

1. Show them high contrast images:

The bright, high contrast colours are helpful for stimulating your baby’s developing vision. You can introduce colours such as black, white and then gradually move towards different colours. This visual stimulation will help their vision and eventually help them to interact with others, play with toys and know about their surroundings.  


2. Black and White Flash cards:

Research has proved that flash cards are extremely helpful for your baby’s vision development, brain development and language skills.  

You can hold the Simple black and white flashcards from Tinyvers Activity kit 1 in front of your baby and let them grab it. It will also stimulate their hand movement and improve fine motor skills. Additionally, strong contrasting colours like black and white will stimulate your baby’s visions. If your baby is not willing to look at the flash cards, you can also go for coloured spiral mobile and black & white coloured mobile from our activity kit 1.  


3. Spiral Mobile for babies:

Spiral mobile is a great invention to develop your baby’s vision and make your diaper changing a bit easier. Slow movement black & white spiral mobile keeps your baby engaged. You can notice your baby looking at them for a long time. For a change you can also introduce coloured spiral mobile from Tinyvers Activity kit 1 to your baby. Try to use different things for developing your baby’s vision. It will keep them entertained and help them grow in a fun way.  


4. Gazing Mirror:

Another thing to improve baby’s vision is showing them a mirror and let them gaze at it. It is so fun watch babies see themselves in the mirror. They are to trying to figure out what it is. You can hand them gazing mirrors from Tinyvers Activity kit 1. It is completely safe for your baby and it will help in visual stimulation, facial recognition and make them curious at the same time.  


These are just a few ideas to help you develop your baby’s vision. For any queries you can always refer back to Tinyvers App and Tinyvers Parent Community. With these tips you can create a fun activity time for your baby and watch them grow in a playful way. 

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