5 Reasons Why Baby Should Play on the Floor

5 Reasons Why Baby Should Play on the Floor

Your therapist has asked you to practice that grounding exercise again to help you calm down. We know you have been trying to get your hands on meditation and exercises to get you through mental and physical exhaustion. But hey love! It’s okay to take some break as well. You have been doing great! Your baby is now in their fourth month! You can notice them roll over and try to lift their head, gaze at the mirror, grabbing your hair.

Your little munchkin is growing every day and achieving development milestones gradually. There is yet time for them to crawl, but you can help them develop their core strength and muscles through some activities. There’s no need to go crazy searching over it. It’s very simple and somewhat similar to what you are doing. Let your baby play on the floor. Before you start panicking over it or saying that they can hit their head or your floor is not really suitable for babies, let us explain why playing on the floor is very important for your baby.

Here are a few reasons you should consider allowing your baby to play at floor:

1. Development of motor skills:
Playing on the floor helps with motor skills development, such as getting up from lying down and sitting up without support. Although they need your help at this time.

2. Spatial awareness:
It also helps them understand how objects in space relate to each other. They can see different objects around them, touch them and gradually learn what an obstacle is.

3. Stimulation:
Your baby's brain needs lots of stimulation as they grow, so playing on the floor will help them develop their motor skills and balance gradually. You can also have tummy time on the floor. Place some simple black and white flashcards in front of them while they are having their tummy time. It will keep them engaged or you can also place the gazing mirror in front of them. Babies love looking in the mirror!
4. Muscle development:
Playing on the floor also helps babies develop neck muscles, core muscles, and develops their sense of touch.

5. Sense of direction:
They will try to move in a forward direction as well as sideways direction which is very important for the future development of crawling and walking skills.
The main reason why parents hesitate to let their babies play on the floor is because it is quite difficult for them to keep their babies in a certain position for a longer time period. They need to constantly keep holding them in order for them not to fall down or get hurt. This can be very tiring for both parents as well as the baby itself!

So, if you would like your baby to play on the floor, then make sure that you have enough pillows or blankets around so that they can easily sit up without falling down! Try to keep your tables, chairs a bit away from your baby so that they don’t get hurt. Additionally, the floor is a great place to introduce your baby to the different textures around them. This will surely stimulate their growth while they are having fun playtime with you.
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