Top 5 Fun Activities For Tracking Sights And Sounds Of Your Newborn

Top 5 Fun Activities For Tracking Sights And Sounds Of Your Newborn

Your Newborn is now 5 weeks old! You have crossed a month with your little one. That’s great! How have you been? The most common thing parents have mentioned after welcoming their baby is constant worry about their baby’s well-being and growth. Is their weight fine, are they fed well, is their bowel movement okay or not and if they have any visual or hearing problems? There are many questions on your mind and that’s normal!  

We all want to ensure that our little ones are growing and developing as expected. But there’s no need to stress- we’ve got some fun and easy new-born play ideas that will help you track both your baby’s vision development and hearing progress:  



One way to stimulate your baby’s vision is to get a set of baby flash cards. These cards are printed in black and white and feature graphics such as animals, shapes, and characters. As your baby gets older, you can start showing them colourful images and introduce them to more patterns. If you are feeling creative, you can even make your own black and white flash cards for your baby! Or, if you’re short on time, you can pick up some of the pre-made flash cards for your baby from Tinyvers Activity kit 1. We have included simple black and white flashcards for visual stimulation and building concentration. You can also use black and white spiral mobile and coloured spiral mobile for visual tracking and exploration.  



Another way to get your baby to focus on their vision is to use a mirror. Place the mirror close enough to your baby so they can see their own reflection. This can help encourage your baby to make eye contact. If you don’t want to move your mirror around the room, a simple way to do this activity is giving your baby gazing mirror from Tinyvers Activity kit 1. It’s easy to hold and completely safe for your baby. Now you can enjoy seeing your baby looking at the mirror and making big eyes without moving that heavy mirror around!  



Every baby loves music. Put on some tunes and watch your little one respond to the sounds. It’s also a great way to help them develop their hearing. You can also sing to them. Let’s get started with your singing again!  



Rattles are another great tool for tracking your baby’s sights and sounds. Place them far away from your baby and watch their eyes focus on the noise. This can help your baby learn to distinguish between different sounds. Not only are they fun and engaging for your little one, but they’re also a great way to help them develop their auditory skills. Pick up a rattle toy with a variety of sounds, from soft rattles to louder clinks.   

Simple games:  


You can also try your hand on simple games. You can help your baby track both their vision and sound development with a ‘peek-a-boo’ game. Show your baby an object, and then cover it with your hand, and then uncover it again. This will help your baby understand that objects don’t just magically ‘disappear’, and they’ll be fascinated as they try to ‘find’ the object. Crumble pages or dried leaf, making different sounds will stimulate their hearing.   


These are just a few ideas for tracking your baby’s sights and sounds. With a little bit of creativity and these tips, you can create an environment for your baby that is both entertaining and educational. Along with this include different activities and toys to help your baby grow in a fun way. you can also check out our Activity Kit 1 for all the amazing tools such as flashcards and mirror to track your baby’s sights and sounds. Have fun and enjoy the process! 

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