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Look and gather different shapes and sizes to add variety to your textured art. The unique patterns found in nature will serve as the inspiration for your creative scribbling.

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Place an A4 sheet of paper on a flat surface. Now, lay a textured leaf or bark underneath the paper. Ensure that the textured side faces up, ready to leave its imprint on your artwork.

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Take a crayon or colour pencil of your choice and start scribbling over the paper. As you move the crayon, you'll notice the texture of the leaf or bark emerging on the paper.

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Experiment with different colors and strokes to bring out the details of nature's patterns. and Finally you have created a masterpiece of textured art with our Nature Scribbling DIY!


Make learning fun with your Nature Scribbling by matching each leaf to its unique texture and patterns. This not only enhances observational skills but also provides an opportunity to learn about the diverse textures found in nature.