How to talk to a newborn?(8 Tips you Must try!)

How to talk to a newborn?(8 Tips you Must try!)

Do you feel like you’re talking to the wall sometimes? Well, you’re not alone! For most parents of new-borns, it can be a challenge to communicate with someone who only makes some sounds. Talking to your baby is one of the best ways to help them learn and grow their intelligence. But how do you do it?   

Here are 8 tips to help you get started and get the conversation flowing with your baby:  

1. Talk to Your Baby in a Soothing Voice 

Your baby will likely respond better to a calm and soothing voice. Try using soft tones and gentle tones when speaking to your baby. You don’t want to sound too loud or harsh, as this could startle them.  


2. Coo, Coo, Coo  

Cooing may sound funny, but it’s a great way to get your little one familiar with the sound of your voice. It is a natural way of expressing yourself to your baby and can help to soothe them. Try making gentle noises in different tones, like “oohs” and “ahhs”, and watch for a response. It might even spark a conversation!  


3. Sing to your baby

You don’t have to be a great singer to sing lullabies and rhymes to your baby. Your bathroom singing skill work perfectly. Singing is a great way to bond with your baby. Plus, it helps them learn language and pitch, as well as tones and rhythms.  


4. Use Repetition

Repetition is key when it comes to teaching your baby new things. Babies love hearing the same words and phrases over and over again. So don’t be afraid to repeat yourself!  


5. Talk About the Things You See 

Talk to your baby about the things you see around you. Point out the colors of the objects and describe the shapes. This helps to stimulate your baby’s brain and further develops their intelligence. You can also show them simple black and white flash cards from Tinyvers Activity kit 1. Research has proved that flash cards are really helpful for developing your baby’s vision, language skills and brain development. 


6. Have Fun with Toys 

Playing with your baby is a great way to interact with them and get them talking back. Try talking to your baby as you play – ask them questions, narrate the action, and use their name as you talk. They’ll love the chance to “chat” with you! You can have a fun play time with just the right age-appropriate toys for your 8 weeks old baby with the Tinyvers Activity kit 1. You’ll have everything you need to have an entertaining educational time with your little one. 


7. Make Eye Contact 

Eye contact is an important part of communication, so be sure to make lots of it with your little one. Make sure you maintain eye contact when you’re talking to them, and wait for them to respond. Don’t expect your baby to respond to you right away. Give them time to process the words and let them respond when they are ready.  


8. Reading Books 

Reading to your baby is a great way to introduce them to new words and story concepts. Plus, it helps them learn to recognize objects and images. Choose books that have vibrant illustrations and plenty of dialogue and be sure to use different tones and inflections to keep your little one engaged.  

Talking to your baby doesn’t have to be intimidating. Have fun with it and your baby will love it too! By using these tips and with a bit of patience, your baby will soon be talking back to you! Until then coo, coo, coo away your worries! 

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