Baby is kicking! Here’s what you can do to strengthen your baby’s legs.

Baby is kicking! Here’s what you can do to strengthen your baby’s legs.

“Baby is kicking”, this term has been so popular after the Three Idiots movie! Pregnant women often report about feeling baby’s kick while they are pregnant. Well, now when your baby is already two months old, you can notice them throwing their arms and legs in front of you. This is one of the development milestones that you can notice in your baby.

Here are some tips to strengthen your baby’s legs:

1. Try to put things in front of them. You can put the
batting ball from Activity Kit 1 in front of your baby's feet, encouraging them to make leg movements. The tactile texture of the ball and the rattle inside it are perfect to grab your baby's attention. Remember to put only light things and not something really heavy. You can notice them pushing those things with their legs.

2. You know how giving massages to babies is popular in Indian households. You must have seen your grandparents, parents or elders giving oil massages to babies. According to the International Association of Infant Massage, massages help in blood circulation and fight some diseases in babies like cramps, constipation and gas. Massaging your baby will also help strengthen their muscles and help them grow.
Parenting forums are full of requests on finding a good massage therapist for their babies. You can give massages to your baby at home only. Try to keep in mind some expert advices and you are good to go. When it comes to massaging, you can start from the second week.
You can use homemade oil or even try baby oil to give a good massage. Make sure to massage the oil under their feet and from the ankle to the thigh. Give light strokes while you are massaging, it is going to help in blood circulation and building muscles. Please avoid any sensitive and private areas while massaging. Make sure that your baby is not uncomfortable while you are massaging them. Don’t give massages to your baby when their body is stiff, and they are not willing to have a massage. Remember, massaging is to relax their muscles and strengthen them.

3. You can also try some activities and some light exercises with your baby. While your baby is lying on their back, hold their legs and bend them, then try to push them in their abdomen area in a light way. Please make sure not to put pressure on your baby. It will strengthen their legs and core strength as well. This activity also eases any gas problems in your baby.
You can also try moving your baby’s legs like they are cycling. Gently hold their legs, bend them and try to move them. This one will also be a great exercise for your baby.
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