4 Things New Moms Should Know!

4 Things New Moms Should Know!

Hey love! I know everything has changed. From keeping tab on due date now you are trying to count how many times you have breastfed your baby. This is normal. Newborn babies need frequent breastfeeding. I know you have done the research but there are many things that you will explore with time. Here are some tips that old moms and experts want you to know:  

1. Crying:  


You will gradually understand why your baby is crying. You can even start to differentiate when they are hungry or when they need to sleep or if they are having any problems.  

2. Tummy time:  


Encourage your baby to have tummy time. Remember tummy time is really important for building shoulder and neck muscles and preventing any flat spot on their head. You can gradually start with a short time period but then it will escalate to 20 minutes. During their tummy time they can also look up and lift their head for some time. This is going to promote motor skills in your little one. You can also help your baby with tummy set from Tinyvers Activity kit 1 for developing their core strength.   

3. Vision:  


Show them black and white flash cards while they are lying on their tummy. High contrasting colours like black and white help in visual stimulation. You may have also noticed your baby love staring at things. Give them some interesting thing to stare at. You can use simple black & white flashcards, black & white spiral mobile for your baby’s vision development. Make sure to add some colour in your baby’s world with coloured spiral mobile. All of them are included in our Tinyvers Activity kit 1 that is specially designed for your Newborn baby of 0-12 weeks.

4. Neck muscles:  


This one is something that every Newborn parents deal with. You may feel your Newborn is fragile and you have a nightmare of breaking their neck. Don’t worry, your Newborn’s neck muscles have not developed yet. Whenever you are holding them, you must be careful with their head otherwise you may notice it hanging on one side. Keep one hand behind their neck and try to keep their head straight. Remember to support their head every time you are holding them or whenever they are sleeping on your lap. Try to encourage them during tummy time. It will allow them to lift their head for some time and build their neck and head muscles.  


Being a Newborn Mom requires a lot of courage, strength and patience. Kudos to you for bringing a new life to this world and taking care of them. We know you are doing your best. These are some tips you can rely on when giving your baby a good and healthy upbringing. To know more and get expert support you can explore our website www.tinyvers.com and check out the Tinyvers Activity Kit 1 by clicking here: Tinyvers Activity kit: 0-12 weeks 


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